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Director & Executive Search

This service is operated with a “direct search” approach only. We identify and personally get in touch with the most qualified managers of the market, consistent to the assigned project specifications.
Our senior consultants and partners are involved in the entire search process from the very beginning; their competence, the deep knowledge of the specific markets and their extensive network of personal contacts enable them to get access to the most qualified sources of valuable information, thus allowing the projects to be always completed in a fast and high quality way.

We submit to our clients only the candidates we assess and we deem highly convergent to the ideal profile we have agreed upon, and not a long list of people “more or less” close to the specification.
We carefully choose our clients on the basis of:
We regard our clients as Partners and share with them success and risks; this is reflected in our retainer based fees structure, where a relevant part of the total fee is due only on success.

Our extensive market expertise is fully handled inside the firm by an advanced proprietary Knowledge Management System (SICON- S&P) specifically internally designed to support our operational methodology.

Committed Managers

Based on our understanding of real market needs we have created a truly new service of search, analysis and qualification of managers in order to successfully deal with specific discontinuity projects inside the companies and to achieve a predefinite set of goals hence the definition of Goal Committed Managers. Typical goal committed managers’ projects are turnarounds, new product launches, opening or closing of markets, management of generational transition, coaching programs.

Readiness & Management Assessment

This service is addressed to companies that need to assess C-level and/or first and second line managers, in order to verify their consistency with the company new strategic business plans, or with the aim to build a new management team able to manage corporate complexity as result of merger and acquisition processes.

Market Intelligence

We provide services of market analysis aimed at identifying managers with both specific managerial competencies / roles or geographic presence, even beyond national borders. Some of these projects can subsequently provide a thorough assessment activity in order to evaluate the identified managers’ potential integration into the company, even without an immediate need, but with the purpose to feed the corporate talent pool in a logic of continuos improvement and competitive management of human resources.